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Building an online presence can be daunting, the intricacies of choosing the right templates and creating the perfect look can be tiresome at best. However, it doesn't need to be this troublesome with the right tools and with the right website builder. Elementor with its accompanying widgets on PlussAddons can provide you with a nice toolbox for putting your vision of an online footprint into reality. The vast array of widgets and addons provided here once you subscribe can create a unique look and feel for whatever you might need in terms of online software.

Plus Widgets

The Pluss addons for Elementor offer a set of different categories of widgets that you can easily add to your toolset when building a website. These widgets are divided as follows:


This group of tools gives the client a set of different buttons and functions that can be considered the basic package for building a website. Even though this is just a basic or essential package the client can use every one of these widgets and create a functioning and easy to use website with little trouble. Plus Essentials offer connectivity to social media as well as login and sign up options so the client’s customers can get what information they need with little obstacles. The need for private or protected content is also addressed, if the client needs to put a paywall or simply hide some content because of testing then this is a unique option available to them. This package offers all the basic tools to create a startup online presence.


If the client needs a bit more creativity when creating their website, the Creatives category offers lots of interesting options. With advanced typography, animated text, and dynamic devices the client can be sure that they will be able to create a stunning new look for their website. The need for advanced ads and animations is also addressed in this package. The creatives package is the perfect starting point for you to add a little more excitement to a website.


Barring the previous two packages of widgets The Plus Addons offers more depth in the field of customization and with the help of other widget groups, most of your client’s needs are met. These functions range from background and menu customization to google maps support and mailing support. Each function displayed in these categories gives multiple options on how you want your business to look and feel. They can help draw in customers and keep them coming for more. The aforementioned functions are highly customizable, so you can really put your vision into virtual reality. Choose from several adaptable templates how you want to create your online store or blog. With Elementor and these addons, you have a free hand in devising your online footprint.

Plus Listings

Plus Addons, aside from widgets, offers different listing options that can further benefit their clients’ websites. All these listings are available as soon as you subscribe to their system.

Blog Posts

Blogging is the best way to attract natural traffic to your website, with SEO and social media this is the branch of online business that can give you an upper hand. The package of listings for blogs offers different and stunning design options perfect for a robust and active blog. Blog Posts offer grid structures and different ways to customize your blog without too many obstacles in the way of the client’s vision. With the masonry builder option, you can further build how your blog will look, feel, and function. If your client’s blog needs to make lists of products or top tens then they will find the pagination function quite useful. All of these options are quite customizable with dozens of different templates and configurations to choose from.


When creating a functioning and attractive website people’s testimonies and reviews are crucial for building up traffic. This vital need is addressed in the testimonials package, offering a collection of highly customizable and stunning layouts. It is important to choose just the right option for this form of traffic attraction. It is vital to a business and it can really help with customer’s trust in your client’s vision.


Aside from the two aforementioned parts of widgets Plus Addons provides more so that your clients can further customize and adapt their online presence to the needs at hand. These packages offer Woo product stores so that building an online store can be all the easier. It is important to provide a sense of fun and excitement when building a website. So that clients can really become immersed in their own vision. Providing options for team members is also addressed in one of the many listing packages at the display. As well as magazine post styles which can provide a more professional look and feel to those that deem it necessary.

Plus Extras

The extras group of categories offers more structural and behind the scenes functions that can prove to be vital when your website is built. If your clients need to expand and adapt their already stunning online presence then these options can provide an in-depth look at the grid structures and provide different options to make changes on the go. From mouse parallax to special overlays and the popular magic scroll option this is the natural next step to take when creating a burgeoning online business. So if your clients need a little extra spice to add to their online footprint than this is the place to explore.

Plus Design

The Design group of categories is a bit different than the previous ones, this is a group of functions and options purely focused on the look of your client’s websites. With the several dozen template options, the customization is almost limitless. Each design option in this group is created to cater to a different niche and you will find that all of them are stunning. Aside from the basic look and design of these templates, they are accompanied by several sets of UI options. When someone decides to visit a certain website the UI is the first thing that pops up, leading the customer from point A to point B and hopefully leading them to stay a bit longer on your client’s website. These Ui options are amazingly sturdy and adaptable. The ease of use provided will surely provide for an enjoyable experience for both the clients and the customers visiting their websites.

The ever-growing need for robust and good looking websites is quite efficiently addressed with Elementor and the many hundreds of options provided in PlusAddons. This is a truly unique set of tools that can help with creating a specialized yet natural online footprint.


Attractive pricing offers a yearly or lifetime subscription. Starting from $39/year for 1 website to unlimited websites for only $119 for a one-year subscription. Lifetime subscription starts from $99 for one website to unlimited use for $399, which is a bargain. Every subscription you choose has free localhost activation and unlimited staging sites. 30 days money back guaranteed and full access to all widgets.

The New Update for Elementor, WordPress and The Plus Addons for Elementor

Constantly improving and growing, Elementor has recently had a big update to version 3.x and has enabled new functions of the new and exciting Theme builder. Following this huge change, Plus Addons 4.0 is completely compatible with the new Elementor as for the new WordPress 5.5. Reading and listening to a lot of comments from the Elementor users with broken websites after Elementor update using other 3rd party plugins, the compatibility of The Plus Addons is not something to ignore and all of the added capabilities can help your clients further customize and adapt their websites. In the matter of facts, this website is created with WordPress 5.5.1, Elementor 3.0.5, Elementor Pro 3.0.2, and The Plus Addons 4.0.2 and it is stable and working very well.

In order to keep track of traffic on the newly built website and see sales consistency, an advance chart widget had been added. Giving website creators a more in-depth look at the particularities of their business. The new Hover card option allows for a more sleek transition of information presented to both the software builder and the customer visiting the website. Along with the aforementioned widgets, clients can now add and customize sticky menus, further adding to the customizability and adaptability of their online presence. In order to make visits to websites more comfortable and easy on the eyes, Elementor has added the option of dark mode. This option is becoming more and more popular with customers and Plus Addons is addressing this need. All of the widgets and listings mentioned here have added to the look and feel of new websites. The meeting scheduler is no different. Organizing a company can be quite the ordeal and with this unique option, it is no longer something to be frowned upon.

This update, which is completely compatible with WordPress 5.5, along with the already existing functions gives The Plus Addons for Elementor a clear advantage and is the perfect home for your vision of an online business.

NOTICE: All links in this blog are affiliate links. Buying this product through these links will cost you NO extra money, instead I will get some small commission to support my work in the future.

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