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Yes, you heard it right. Elementor is changing its pricing plans So, be quick or you’ll be paying more or have fewer included licenses.

Ben Pines (Elementor Head of Content) announced a few days ago that Elementor will change its pricing plans. This triggered an avalanche of comments, mostly negative across the internet, especially on the Elementor Facebook group. Regarding this news, some things are misunderstood, some reactions are exaggerated, but most users are not generally enthusiastic about the news.

So what is it about:

From March 9th Elementor will make changes to Pro subscription plans. The essential thing is to emphasize that if you are on existing subscription plans, NOTHING will change for you, everything stays the same (the price, the number of licenses included, renewal discounts … ).

NEW subscribers from March 9th onward will have new models and pricing plans:

  • Aside from existing plans, there will be 2 new – Studio plan ($499/year for up to 100 sites) and an Agency plan ($999/year for up to 1000 sites)
  • Existing Personal and Plus plans will be renamed to Essential and Advanced respectively
  • The existing Expert plan now will reduce the number of licenses (from 1000 to 25 for the same price of $199/year)
  • There will be a grace period to March 9th so everyone who upgrades to or purchases this plan will still get 1000 licenses for $199/year
  • Current users of Expert plan who want to upgrade to Agency plan and take benefit of VIP support, team access and more, will get a limited-time 50% discount from March 9th until June 9th, 2021
  • The new plans (Studio and Agency) will have access to VIP support 24/7 live chat, team access to support (Studio – up to 5 members, Agency – up to 10 members), new exclusively 100+ additional website kits, and more integration to 3rd party tools in the future.

Elementor Plans

Join the big Elementor family

If you planning to join the big Elementor family (over 7 millions installation) now is the time! So, hurry and grab your deals before March 9th and save a bunch.

On other hand, if you are an existing user, NOTHING will change for you.

NOTICE: All links in this blog are affiliate links. Buying this product through these links will cost you NO extra money, instead I will get some small commission to support my work in the future.

Strahinja Živković

Strahinja Živković

Into web design & development for almost a decade. Elementor is my dream tool, design-oriented, and pixel perfect. Always hungry for new knowledge and opportunities. Heavy metal and WoT is my passion. :)
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