Astra – a WP theme to build your vision your way

This stunning and robust WordPress theme is the perfect toolbox when creating an online footprint. With a quick development option, ease of use, and amazingly quick loading times, this theme will help you whether you are a beginner or a professional. The main selling point of this WordPress theme is its seamless integration with page/theme builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, and complete online shop solutions such as WooCommerce. With sleek layouts and a wide range of free functions, it can really be the difference between an average website and a stunning one. Astra offers lots of layouts and functions completely for free. Some options come with a subscription fee, however, you are given all that you need to start creating your vision.

Performance, performance, performance!

Astra WP Theme is quite a performance-focused, with the goal of providing quick loading time at the forefront offering a seamless transition from browsing to the client’s website. To achieve this, Astra uses vanilla JavaScript that prevents blockage and puts JQuery into early retirement. Requiring less than 50kb of memory to operate makes Astra stand out, as other WordPress themes use far more and thus take much more to load. This stunningly optimized experience guarantees a loading time of half a second. Even the code is optimized as much as possible, following the best coding standards to enable great performance.

Design your vision

Beginners will be happy to learn that Astra offers dozens of efficient and optimized page layouts for free. Whether you need a blog or simple one-page posts. This is accompanied by several free header and footer options. The need for more customizable options is also addressed with dedicated sidebar options, this page specific sidebar takes charge of the default settings. Building an online store can become a chore, and will most likely have huge loading times, but not with Astra. Its unique WooCommerce customizability sets it a notch above other competitors. Create your online store or website with ease and have an enjoyable experience doing it. The important thing to note is that the options noted earlier are free, however, there is a set of pro options that we will cover later in the article.

Layout your vision

Astra offers stunning free options for you to use, whether that be a blog layout or a professional website. The free options when designing the layout of your page is a bit limited, however, the pro version is worth a look and it is quite affordable. As for the free option, Astra offers a default container, sturdy and robust, it can hold all the data you need and present it in an orderly way. Other customization options are included in the subscription fee. They range from boxed posts, padded margins, and fluid layout to spacing control. The functions presented are all worth your investment.

Astra WP ThemeTypography

In its wide range of offers, Astra also has typography options for you to use in your website design. Boasting over seven hundred Google fonts for you to use, as for adding custom fonts so you can import different and specific fonts to your liking. The paragraph option provides a clear spacing and zoning margin option for blogs and posts. With responsive font sizes, you are given for free to adapt to each device you might view the web page. Along with these functions, there are font size determiners, allowing you to set them to PX or EM. The option of text transform is also presented for free, offering the option of uniform text formatting.

Colors and background design

Astra offers further design and coloring options for headers so that your clients can further customize their online presence. The primary header option offers a series of functions that allow you to customize the colors and the background of the primary header. This is also possible for both mobile and desktop.  With the transparent header function, you are able to customize and set different colors to headers, further giving you the ability to tweak and choose how you want it to look for your clients. Coloring options are also provided for blogs and archives as well as the sidebar and single page posts. The subscription “PRO” option also provides further customization, such as sticky header customization, which is also applicable to content pages.

Blog customization

Building up an online presence is no easy task, and this task can be even more difficult when creating a blog. While online shops and websites function on a more professional level, blogs are more personal, more intimate. This is why Astra offers an amazing blog customization option so that your blog can stand out and be a natural extension of you or your business. Although the free options are limited, they allow you to deal with spacing issues on your blog page. The “PRO” package of functions offers far more, blog structure control, highlighted posts and infinite loading can really make the blog pop. The grid and list layouts offer more of a robust structuring option, as well as some other customization options. All this is available with the subscription.

Global Design for your vision

An online presence means an identity, to create your identity online, you will need some work. Creating logos and figuring out where to put them. As well as choosing the right header and footer options. All these simple details give the blog more of a unique feel and help you when creating your online footprint. The subscription options are numerous as well, offering more customization options for your headers and footers. Complete layouts are offered so you get a clear view of how the end product will look.


Entirely within the subscription package, Astra’s WooCommerce functions are plentiful. Offering grid systems for your client’s amazing online store will give it some structure and with the quick view option, the customers will be able to see products quickly and easily. Astras mantra of high performance and optimization is present here as well. Quick loading times mean that customers will quickly and efficiently be able to find and purchase products. With gallery options and drop down cart systems in place the experience of shopping online is all the more enjoyable with Astra.

Integrating with the world

Astra offers several quick and efficient integration options for all your website building needs. If you are in need of integrating your web page with LifterLMS and LearnDash, this unique WordPress theme has got you covered. With seamless integration and quick loading times, the experience is unmatched. Some of these options come with a subscription, however, integration with basic Schema and SEO principles is completely free of charge, so people will have no trouble finding your client’s website on a whim.


Connectivity with social media is important in this line of work because your client wants to be seen and heard. Astra’s widgets offer connectivity options with all social media, as well as framing the web page address for everyone to share and use. Providing additional information about a business can also be a step in a good direction, that’s why Astra also offers info list widgets to further inform the client’s customers about any important business news.

Astra WP ThemeCustomize

A part of Astra’s subscription package is a series of fully customizable page layouts, designed to give a web page some more flair. With custom headers, footers, hooks, and a 404 error page, your client’s webpage is sure to stand out. And with Display conditions, you can accurately determine which part of each page you want to customize and which not to.


Although a bunch of features is for free, Astra offers several subscription packages. Must notice that Astra is currently on discount, celebrating 1M+ active installs, so be quick and grab the awesome deal.

The initial or Pro package offers users all Astra Pro features, over twenty free starting templates, one on one support, and unlimited website usage. All this for $47 per year or $249 lifetime.

The more advanced Mini Agency bundle offers even more perks, some of which are one-page builder addons (Unlimited addons for Elementor and Beaver Builder to choose from). as well as over fifty-five agency starter templates and WP Portfolio plugin. Pricing starts at $169/year and goes for $499 for a lifetime.

Finally, we have the Agency bundle, which is the most extensive package of perks. Boasting all Astra Pro features, Convert pro plugin, Schema plugin, Skill Jet Academy, and all future plugins that come out. Not to mention that all of the perks of previous bundles are all incorporated into this one as well. Prices are from $249 for a yearly subscription to $699 for a lifetime.

You also get a chance to choose what kind of subscription you want, what this means is you get to choose from an annual subscription for a given price per bundle or a lifetime subscription also per bundle. Giving you free rein to plan out how you want to use this theme and all its perks. Maybe someone will probably think that lifetime price, for example, the Agency bundle is too much, but take it from this perspective – you will have UNLIMITED access for ALL the existing perks, ALWAYS! Build just one presentation website for your clients and invest in this awesome theme.

Supporting new creators

Astra offers support 24/7 or all of its users, their tech teams are always just an email away. If you are a DIY kind of person then you have dozens of in-depth articles that can help you out in any way you might need. This is further enforced with several video tutorials designed to provide a quick and easy fix to your errors.

To resume

All in all, Astra offers quick, performance-based, robust, and customizable options for your WordPress web pages. It is unique because of its quick loading times and ease of use. If you are looking for a theme that can make your website stand out and be memorable Astra is the right choice.

Its subscription bundles offer extensive perks that give increasingly more customization and technical options. With limitless room for improvement and growth, with a wide range of already existing plugins plus those that are just around the corner, Astra is really the WordPress theme for your vision, your way.

NOTICE: All links in this blog are affiliate links. Buying this product through these links will cost you NO extra money, instead I will get some small commission to support my work in the future.

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